Energy 101

All About Energy

Trade the Old Way.

Benefits of Clean Energy

Produce Clean Energy For Your Home

Reduce your monthly energy bill

Reduce your carbon footprint

Improve the resale value of your home

Help California reduce fossil fuel usage

Generate your own power and heat

Make an investment lasting up to 25 years

For the New Way.

Utility Rates

SDG&E, SCE and PG&E Tiered and TOU Rates

San Diego Gas & Electric

Southern California Edison

Pacific Gas & Electric

SDGE Tired Rates.jpeg
SDGE TOU rates.jpeg
SDGE logo.png
SCE logo.png
SCE TOU rates.jpeg
SCE Tired Rates.jpeg
PGE logo.png
PGE Tiered rates.png
PGE TOU-4-9.png
PGE EV2 TOU rates.jpg
PGE EVB TOU rates.jpg


Home Value

Solar Energy